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EQ Shareowner Services
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EQ Shareowner Services
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The transfer agent has the responsibility to maintain records of stock; cancel and issue certificates; resolve problems arising from lost, destroyed or stolen certificates; and handle name and address changes. The transfer agent does not sell or purchase stock.

Fiserv was formed on July 31, 1984, through the combination of two major regional data processing firms located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Tampa, Florida. These firms-Fiserv Milwaukee and Fiserv Tampa-began their operations in 1964 and 1971, respectively, as the data processing operations of their parent financial institutions.

The IPO for Fiserv, Inc. was on September 25, 1986. The initial stock price, split adjusted, was $0.28 per share of common stock.

Fiserv, Inc. common stock trades on The Nasdaq Stock Market® under the symbol FISV.

At this time, an investor must purchase stock through a broker or trading facility/service.


There have been a number of stock splits in the Company’s history.  These splits occurred in March 2018, December 2013, August 2001, April 1999, May 1998, May 1993, June 1992, and July 1991.

December 31st is the fiscal year-end.