Name under which Subsidiary does Business   Jurisdiction of Incorporation
Administradora de Tarjetas S.R.L.Argentina
ayCash GmbHGermany
BillMatrix CorporationDelaware
BluePay Canada, ULCCanada
BluePay Processing, LLCDelaware
BUYPASS Inco CorporationDelaware
CardConnect, LLCDelaware
Carreker Corporation  Delaware
CashEdge Inc.Delaware
CDI BluePay Private LimitedIndia
CESI Holdings, LLCDelaware
CheckFree Corporation  Delaware
Checkfree Services Corporation  Delaware
CheckFree Solutions Limited  United Kingdom
CheckFreePay Corporation  Connecticut
Clover Network, Inc.Delaware
Concord Computing CorporationDelaware
Concord EFS, Inc.Delaware
Concord Payment Services, Inc.Georgia
Concord Transaction Services, LLCColorado
Corillian CorporationOregon
DW Holdings Canada ULCCanada
Eastern States Bankcard Association Inc.New York not-for-profit
Eastern States Monetary Services Inc.New York not-for-profit
Electronic Banking Solutions LimitedAustralia
FD do Brasil Soluções de Pagamento Ltda. Brazil
FDGS Group, LLC Delaware
FDR Delaware Holdings LimitedUnited Kingdom
FDR Limited, LLCDelaware
FDR U.K. LimitedUnited Kingdom
FDS Holdings, Inc.Delaware
Federated Union Systems Europe, LimitedIreland
First Data (China) Co., Ltd.China
First Data (India) Private LimitedIndia
First Data (Mauritius) Holding CompanyMauritius
First Data (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.Singapore
First Data Austria GmbHAustria
First Data Austria Holdings GmbHAustria
First Data Canada Ltd. Canada
First Data Colombia Ltda.Colombia
First Data Cono Sur SRLArgentina
First Data CorporationDelaware
First Data Corporation Australia (Holdings) Pty LimitedAustralia

First Data Development Private LtdIndia
First Data Egypt LLC Egypt
First Data Europe LimitedUnited Kingdom
First Data Global Services LimitedIreland
First Data GmbHGermany
First Data Government Solutions, LP Delaware
First Data Hardware Services Inc.California
First Data Holding GmbHGermany
First Data Holding I (Netherlands) BVNetherlands
First Data Hong Kong LimitedHong Kong
First Data Hydra Holdings LLCDelaware
First Data Insurance Agency Inc.Delaware
First Data International (Italia) SrlItaly
First Data International LLC Delaware
First Data International Luxembourg II S.a.r.l.Luxembourg
First Data International Luxembourg III S.a.r.l.Luxembourg
First Data International Luxembourg IV S.a.r.l.Luxembourg
First Data Merchant Services LLCFlorida
First Data Merchant Solutions (Hellas) LtdGreece
First Data Merchant Solutions (Hong Kong) Private LimitedHong Kong
First Data Merchant Solutions (Macau) Private Limited Macau
First Data Merchant Solutions (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.Malaysia
First Data Merchant Solutions Australia Pty LtdAustralia
First Data Merchant Solutions Private Limited (Singapore)Singapore
First Data Middle East FZ-LLCUAE
First Data Mobile (Bermuda) Holdings, Ltd.Bermuda
First Data Mobile Holdings Limited Ireland
First Data Mobile Payments LimitedIreland
First Data Mobile Solutions GmbH Germany
First Data Mobile Solutions Limited Ireland
First Data Network Australia LimitedAustralia
First Data Operations (Austria) GmbHAustria
First Data Polska S.A. Poland
First Data Processing, Inc.Delaware
First Data Procurements México, S. de R.L. de C.V.Mexico
First Data Real Estate Holdings L.L.C.Delaware
First Data Receivables, LLCDelaware
First Data Reporting Services LLCDelaware
First Data Resources Australia LimitedAustralia
First Data Resources Investments Pty LimitedAustralia
First Data Resources, LLCDelaware
First Data Spain Holdings, S.L. Spain
First Data Technologies, Inc.Delaware
First Data Trust Company, LLCColorado
First Data UK Holdings LimitedUnited Kingdom
First Data Uruguay S.R.L.Uruguay
Fiserv Computer Systems, Inc.Canada
Fiserv CP, LLCDelaware
Fiserv (Europe) Limited  United Kingdom

Fiserv Global Services, Inc.Delaware
Fiserv Korea LimitedKorea
Fiserv Lanka (Private) LimitedSri Lanka
Fiserv Investment Solutions, Inc.Delaware
Fiserv Solutions, LLC  Wisconsin
Fiserv Slovakia, s.r.o.Slovakia Republic
FTS (NSW) Pty. LimitedAustralia
Funds & Assets Management LLC New York
Information Technology, Inc.  Nebraska
Integrated Payment Systems Canada Inc.Canada
Integrated Payment Systems Inc.Delaware
Inverland Jasper SLSpain
ITI of Nebraska, Inc.  Nebraska
Marketplace Merchant Solutions LimitedIreland
Merchant Solutions Private Limited Bangladesh
MerchantPro Express, LLCDelaware
Money Network Financial, LLC Delaware
New Payment Services, Inc.Georgia
Omnipay Limited Ireland
PaySys Europe, B.V.Netherlands
PaySys International LimitedIreland
PaySys International Pty. Ltd.Australia
PaySys International, Inc.Florida
Pegaso Argentina S.R.L.Argentina
Posnet SRLArgentina
Research Park Association, Inc.Florida not-for-profit
Software Express Informatica LtdaBrazil
Star Networks, Inc.Delaware
Star Systems Assets, Inc.Delaware
Star Systems, Inc.Delaware
TeleCheck International, Inc.Georgia
TeleCheck Services Canada, Inc.Canada
TeleCheck Services of Puerto Rico, Inc.Georgia
TeleCheck Services, Inc.Delaware
Tissington LimitedIreland/Luxembourg
TRS Recovery Services, Inc.Colorado
United Community Payment Systems, LLCDelaware
XP Systems CorporationMinnesota
YourPay LLCDelaware